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          Hebei Hengtai Machine Tool Accessories Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a large private enterprise which combines research,innovation, developing, manufacturing and sales. With 1809001 quality system approved, the company is equipped withprofessional precision CNC equipment and manned with foreign technicians working in the crew. The company owns a completeflow production line consisting of the molding workshop and injection molding workshop, as well as more than 30 sets of plasticinjection molding machines, punching machines and metallic hose making machines. The product range covers all kinds of cablecarrier, chip conveyors, protective covers and coolant pipes. The company is fully equipped to customize products for foreign anddomestic markets. Its enormous strength gained paramount domestic position, which draws great attention from the domesticindustry and users, providing a obviously superior position to the domestic trade of same products. The company covers 5600square meters, and new workshop is being extended. More advanced equipment will be introduced, and more staffs will be sentabroad to acquire new skills and introduce new equipment.
          With the development of the market economy, Hengtai has been highly commented with high quality products, excellentservices and respectable reputations. The international and domestic sales network systems are the guarantee of internationaland domestic markets, with partners across Europe, America and Asia. With elegant design and reliable quality, Hengtaihas been award the title of Top Quality Product and Trustable Product. We are obliged to be dedicated to CNC machine toolaccessories .