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          The domestic production of plastic towline several innovation

          As the name suggests is a kind of plastic towline towline type. According to the structure can be divided into Bridge plastic towline and closed plastic towline; according to the model is divided into small and large general type towline, towline towline; according to the noise coefficient can be divided into ordinary and mute towline towline; according to the form can be divided into ordinary towline, towline, towline type parallel S; according to the material is divided into the original package and recycled plastic plastic.

          Domestic plastic towline from commodity varieties to the appearance have been great progress, but compared to some of the domestic high-end products, there are still some distance.

          First, in the use of plastic towline environment not only in the South or north of the constraints of the spring and autumn season indoor, some extra work in outdoor sports in winter, but because of the high cost of material goods, domestic goods by simply lost and brittle cracking in the onset of winter temperature is low, so in the weather resistance is to be met to pay attention to.

          Secondly, it is necessary to strengthen the resistance to increase the safety factor, flame retardant cable protection device is a very important aspect, his existence is avoided in the case of burning automatic stop, and then avoid the attack more risk, but some companies in order to reduce the cost, in the processing process does not increase the flame retardant. Does the burning attack, the effect of clear, so it is necessary for security on this note.

          Finally, a security element antistatic, these in ordinary occasions may influence is not very big, but in the use of coal and other mines some other occasions is particularly important, this trust we also know what the reason is, so it should pay attention to in the manufacturing process, can produce some suitable under these circumstances is plastic towline.

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