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          The development of machine tool accessories will inevitably l

          The main markets of machine tools in China include industrial machinery and equipment, transportation equipment, primary metal products and electrical and electronic equipment. Among them, industrial machinery is widely used in various industrial fields, thus becoming the largest market for machine tools.

          With the rapid development of modern science and technology, all industries are more or less affected by its technological development. The equipment manufacturing industry needs to follow the trend of technological development and develop new technologies and products in this case.

          In the eighteen major reports, it is pointed out that the innovation driven development strategy should be implemented. Innovation driven is the requirement of Scientific Outlook on Development, and it is also a requirement to change the way of economic development. Only through innovation driven, China's economy can be realized from big to strong.

          With the development of China's machine tool industry automation industry, the upgrading and technological progress of machine tool industry has made great progress, which also accelerates the transformation of new industrialization way that depends on technological progress and sustainable development.

          The main long-term goal of machine tool accessories manufacturing technology has been to improve productivity and processing quality. But in recent years, with the enhancement of environmental awareness and the shortage of natural resources, the effective utilization of energy and resources and the reduction of pollution in production process are playing an increasingly important role in the design concept of machine tools.

          Except for the parts with higher precision and fine surface roughness, it is necessary to use the cutting method in the machine tool for final processing. In general machine manufacturing, the workload of machine tools takes up 40%-60% of total machine manufacturing workload. Machine tools play a major role in the modernization of national economy.

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