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          Prospect and development trend of machine tool accessories in

          Machine tool accessories for machine tools and complete various functions, is an important part of machine parts, give full play to the basic performance, expand the use of machine tool machine performance, ensure machining accuracy, improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity and other aspects play an important role.

          Machine tool accessories industry, as a small industry in China's machine tool industry, has experienced more than 40 years of development history. With the development of CNC machine tools in China, the accessories of CNC machine tools have been developed for more than 20 years. With the rapid development of CNC machine industry in China, the demand for CNC machine tool accessories is also increasing. Therefore, the level of CNC machine tool accessories directly affects the level of CNC machine. The two are complementary and indispensable.

          The existence and development of the machine tool accessories industry is related to the self and interest of the host industry. With the development of internationalization of the domestic machine tool market and global economic integration, machine tool accessories industry must face the domestic and international two big market, adapt to the situation, change the concept of competition in the market, actively adjust the industrial structure, improve the quality, grade, order in the market economy tide in an invincible position.

          The future trend is the accessory industry technology, CO production of the surface is increased, the product structure more perfect, the degree of specialization will be higher, more concentrated, technological transformation efforts to increase the equipment capacity, the fragmented situation will be broken, a considerable number of enterprises in small scale, poor efficiency, low level of technology will be elimination. Therefore, the overall technology level, output and quality of the industry will further improve, and the gap with the advanced countries will gradually decrease, and the industry will be more prosperous.

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