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          Increasing demand for machine tool accessories

          In recent years, with the rapid and stable development of national economy, the development of the equipment manufacturing industry and the manufacturing industry technology upgrade and modernization of national defense demand increase, rapid growth in fixed asset investment, Chinese machine tool accessories market is booming production and demand situation.

          With the development of machine tool industry, machine tool accessories industry must be matched with the product, to be able to keep up with the pace of the machine tool industry, machine tool industry competition is fierce, machine tool accessories industry competition is intense, but malignant competition will bring to the industry of machine tool industry is dark, is badly in need of fair competition.

          For a long time, China has not paid enough attention to functional components. It is very difficult for China to make the machine tool industry go to a higher level on the functional components. Purchasing foreign functional components can only make China's industry lack competitiveness.

          China's machine tool accessories industry needs to continuously improve its manufacturing capacity to support the development of the whole machine tool industry.

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