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        1. TL Type Steel Cable Carrier Series
        2. TL Type Steel Cable Carrier Series

          Product Classification:Steel Cable Carrier Series

          Characteristic:The main body of TL series steel cable carrier consists of chain plates (top quality chromed steel plate).

          The main body of TL series steel cable carrier consists of chain plates (top quality chromed steel plate), supporting plates (formed aluminum alloy), and pin shaft (alloy steel). The material combination eliminates the relative movement between the cables or rubber hoses and the cable carrier. And there won't be any distortion. The chromed chain plates fealtires in novel appearance, proper structures, enhanced flexibility, reliable strength, invulnerable shape, easy installation and disassembly. The pin shaft is made of high- intensity and wearproof material, alloy copper, wh ic~, promotes the durability and enhances the flexibility. The resistance is lowered, noise reduced. So that there won' t be any deformation or droop after long time use.

          The elegant appearance can improve the overall looking of the machinery equipment, thus strengthen the competitiveness of China' s machinery in international market.

          1. Maximum applicable operation speed 40 mimin.

          2. Noise SPL at maximum operation speed is no more than 68 decibels.

          3. The safe service life ot the cable carritns is no less than one million cycles.( reciprocating movement).

          Basic Parameters and Difl'ensions of TL Type Steel Cable Carriers:

          型號 參項 TL30 TL45 TL65 TL80 TL95 TL115 TL125 TL155 TL180 TL225 TL250
          節距(t) 30 45 65 80 95 115 125 155 180 225 250
          彎曲半徑(R) 40 50、75、90、114、145 75、90、115、125、145、185 100、115、125、145、185、200、250、300 115、145、200、250、300 145、200、225、250、300、350 200、250、300、3540、470、500、575、700、750 200、250、300、350、450、500、600 250、300、350、450、490、600、650 400、450、600、750、800、850、1000 400、450、500、600、750、800、1000
          拖鏈   小寬度(Bmix) 40 35 50 55 60 70 80 90 100 160 190
          拖鏈高度(Bmax) 25 32 44 56 70 86 100 120 144 200 220
          拖鏈長度(L) 由用戶按需要自定
          支撐板   大孔徑(D1) 10 15 30 35 48 63 68 97 110 146 166
          允許不用支撐輪長度 3 4 5 8 9 10 10 10 10 12 14

          1.Cable carriers arc produced according to Italian technical standards.

          2.For cables carriers with nonstandard bending radius or gtructures,the production can be negotiated.

          3.When the width of the steel cable carriers exceeds Bmax (the max width), a oombined type cable carrier consist of three rows of link plates will be competent.

          Selection of Cable Carriers

          1.Bore diameter inside the supporting plate D=d1d+=0.1d(round numbers). d=outside diameter of cables, hydraulic pipes and gas pipes.

          2.hg (height of link plates) and TLXX (cable carrier model) are determined by the Dmax (maximum bore diameter inside the supporting plates).

          3.The support ing plate types and the bending radius are determined by the intended functions of the cable earners.

          (1)When there are huge load needs lor pipes and cables, high intensity supporting plate type I (unitaoy type) will be recommended.

          (2)When the s ize of cable connectors exceeds the bore d iameter of the supp orting plates, o r when constant dismounting and maintenance are required, type II supporting plate (split type supporting plate) will be recommended.

          (3)When there are numerous cables to install, type Ill supporting plate (frame type).

          4.Width (B1) of supporting plates is determined by the number of cables to install, so that the width (B) of the width of the cable carrier can be calculated.

          5.When the steel belt supporting plates are needed according to the environment to apply the cable carriers, please inform us.

          Cable Carrier with Three Rows of Link Plates

          The maximum length ol supporting plates is 600mm-650mm, so one or multiple cable carrier link plates can be installed to narrow cable carriers. Another result is the narrow cable carriers can be stabilized in this way. Besides, the third row of plates can function as separators.

          Remark: For SLE type, refer to parameter D, 12, e; For TL type, refer to f, j, k.

          Elasticity of Hydraulic Tubes

          Please note that the hydraulic tubes can extend or shorten under diflerent pressures. So the elastic coellicient of lhe hose must be considered, especially the situation when you have the high pressure and long cable carriers.

          Remarks: If the length of the cable carriers exceeds the allowable lengtJ1 wi thout support ing wheelt suppor1ing wheel are recommended,to avoid tJ1e descending and guarantee the be..st. moving pe 1formance.