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        1. TP45 Series Engineering Plastic Cable Carriers (Bridge Type)
        2. TP45 Series Engineering Plastic Cable Carriers (Bridge Type)

          Product Classification:Cable Carrier Series

          Characteristic:TP45 Series Engineering Plastic Cable Carriers (Bridge Type) Features: wear resistance.

          TP45 Series Engineering Plastic Cable Carriers (Bridge Type) Features: wear resistance, high temperature resistance, non deformation, low noise, flexible loading and dismantling, long life.


          Model Inner cavity (high X width) External cavity (high X width) Bending radius(R) Pitch Non support length(M) Type
          45.50 45x50 67x84                     75.100 125.150.200 250.300.350 72 2500 Four piece on the cover open under the bridge                    
          45.60 45x60 67x96
          45.75 45x75 67x109
          45.100 45x100 67x134
          45.125 45x125 67x159
          45.150 45x150 67x184
          45.165 45x165 67x199
          45.175 45x175 67x209
          45.200 45x200 67x234
          45.225 45x225 67x259
          45.250 45x250 67x284
          45.275 45x275 67x309
          45.300 45x300 67x334
          45.50 45x50 65x71               150.200 2500              Four pieces can be opened
          45.75 45x75 65x96
          45.87 45x87 65x108
          45.100 45x100 65x125
          45.130 45x130 65x151
          45.150 45x150 65x171
          45.175 45x175 65x196
          45.200 45x200 65x225
          Note: this series of chain assembly type, can be as a unit assembly broadening.