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        1. TP80 Series Engineering Plastic Cable Carriers (Bridge Type)
        2. TP80 Series Engineering Plastic Cable Carriers (Bridge Type)

          Product Classification:Cable Carrier Series

          Characteristic:TP80 Series Engineering Plastic Cable Carriers (Bridge Type) Features: wear resistance.

          TP80 Series Engineering Plastic Cable Carriers (Bridge Type) Features: wear resistance, high temperature resistance, non deformation, low noise, flexible loading and dismantling, long life.

          TP80 Series:


          Model Inner cavity (high X width) External cavity (high X width) Bending radius(R) Pitch Non support length(M) Type
          80.75 80x75 108x115 150.200 250.300.400.500 90 5000 Four pieces of heavy-duty assembled                        
          80.95 80x95 108x135
          80.100 80x100 108x136
          80.125 80x125 108x165
          80.150 80x150 108x190
          80.175 80x175 108x215
          80.200 80x200 108x240
          80.250 80x250 108x290
          80.275 80x275 108x315
          80.300 80x300 108x340
          80.325 80x325 108x365
          80.350 80x350 108x390
          80.375 80x375 108x415
          80.100 80x100 108x440